Global War on Terrorism (2000-Current)

Iraq Campaign ribbon

As with the rest of the US, everything changed on Sept 11, 2001. While waiting for a federal mobilization, members of the 161st Infantry participated in numerous security missions across Washington State as part of Operation Noble Eagle. The Global War on Terrorism did not mean an end to state missions, in fact the 161st has been called on several times to provide assistance to residents effected by natural disasters as well.

OIF II (2004-2005)

The 161st mobilized in November 2003 for duty in the Middle East. By April 2003, the 161st Infantry was performing a variety of operations in the Baghdad area before returning home in April 2004.

OIF (2008-2009)

In early 2008, the 161st was again mobilized for service in Iraq. This time the Regiment was tasked with providing convoy security for convoys moving from one corner of Iraq to the other.