Many members of the 161st Infantry have served honorably and gallantry during the history of the Regiment. Below are those that have been especially identified for their service.

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US-MOH-1904Medal of Honor (* – posthumous)

Parrish, Laverne (P) *Technician Fourth Grade24 Jan 1945San Manuel, LuzonCompany C, 161st Inf


Army_distinguished_service_cross_medalDistinguished Service Cross (* – posthumous)

Akers, Edgar W.2nd Lieutenant28-Sep-18near Binarville, FranceAsgd: Company D, 161st Infantry; Atch: 308th Infantry, 77th Division
Allison, Ernest H. *Sergeant26-Jul-43New Georgia Island 
Bain, Harold W. *Private First Class24-Jan-45San Manuel, Luzon 
Belfor, MaxStaff Sergeant28-Jan-45San Manuel, Luzon 
Bryant, Austin DStaff Sergeant20-21 Feb 1945Luzon KIA 21 Apr 1945
Chimenti, Frank JrPrivate First Class2-3 Aug 1943New Georgia Island 
Christian, Louis K *2nd Lieutenant 27 July 1943 New Georgia Island 
Crane, Cecil LStaff Sergeant 17 Jan 1943Guadalcanal DOW 20 Jan 1943
Dalton, James L IIColonel 23-28 Jan 1945 San Manuel, Luzon KIA 16 May 1945
Dominguez, Francisco LPrivate First Class 2 Apr 1945 Kapintalan, Luzon 
French, Kenneth P1st Lieutenant 26 Jul 1943 New Georgia Island KIA 28 July 1945
Galloway, Joseph S1st Lieutenant 26 Jul 1943 New Georgia Island 
Harmon, Clifford GSergeant 25 Feb 1945 Luzon 
Hastings, Charles I1st Lieutenant 24-29 Jul 1943 New Georgia IslandCapt Hastings was KIA in Korea on 1 Sept 1950
Howington, William CPrivate First Class 3 Aug 1943 New Georgia Island 
McEwen, Glen O.SergeantSpokane, WA26-Sep-18near Moulin de Guenoville, FranceAsgd: Machine Gun Company, 161st Infantry; Atch: Co F, 1st Gas Regiment
Mellichamp, Paul K. *Captain26-Jul-43New Georgia Island 
Newton, Howard J. *Private First Class31-Jul-43New Georgia Island 
Noorlander, Daniel O1st Lieutenant31-Jul-43New Georgia Island 
Norton, LeRoy E. (1st Award)Staff Sergeant17 Jan 1943GuadalcanalCompany I; USAFSPA GO 113, 1943 
Norton, LeRoy E (2nd Award)Staff Sergeant28-Jul-43New Georgia IslandCompany I; USAFSPA GO 450, 1943
Oswald, David P *MajorWashington State17-18 Jan 1945Luzon, Philippines161st Inf
Pearson, Armond D.First Sergeant 1943New Georgia Island 
Rogers, Orville E. *Technician 5th GradeDewey County, SD24 Jan 1945San Manuel, Luzon, PhilippinesMedical Detachment, 161st Inf
Snow, Keith M. *Sergeant28-Jul-43New Georgia Island 
Sybert, Clarence L.PrivateCentralia, WA2 Nov 1918near Landres-et-St. Georges, FranceAssigned: Company M 161st Inf; earned serving with Company M, 23rd Inf, 2nd Div
Toothman, Arthur S. *Staff Sergeant28-29 Jul 1943New Georgia Island 
Tymniak, Walter 1st Lieutenant1943New Georgia Island 
Viale, Angelo S.
SergeantSan Francisco, CA2 Apr 1945Kapintalan, Luzon, PICompany L, 161st Inf
White, Joseph D. *Corporal4-Aug-43New Georgia Island 
Winkler, Robert1st Lieutenant1943New Georgia Island 
Wylder, Cecil O.Private First ClassSpokane, WA26 Sept 1918Marchville, FranceMobilized with the 161st Infantry in 1917. Assigned to HQ Co, 102d Inf, 26th Div at the time of action.


Silver_Star_medalSilver Star (* – posthumous)

Aney, Earl E. * 1943  
Atkins, Lloyd J. 1943  
Ballew, Claude E. 1943  
Barrett, Richard P. 1943  
Bartlett, Bradley C 1943  
Berg, Bernard E 1943  
Bishop, Lester B 1943  
Bonow, ErwinPrivateJul-43Hastings Ridge, New Georgia IslandCo I, 161st Infantry
Boughner, Charles R. 1943  
Bozarth, Donald W. 1943  
Brennan, Francis J. 1943  
Buchanan, David H.Major1943  
Burch, Earl E. 1943  
Cashman, John F. 1943  
Cervantez, Jose G. * 1943  
Colvin, Ewing C.Captain (Infantry)14-15 July 1918near Fossoy, France161st Infantry
Cummins, Orville J. 1943  
Dahl, Lester E. 1943  
Dalton, James L II (1st Award) Colonel1943Guadalcanal KIA 16 May 1945
Dalton, James L II (2nd Award)Colonel1943New Georgia Island 
Dean, George P. 1943  
Dick, Charles R. 1943  
Downen, Donald O. 1943  
Doty, Jesse B., JrFirst Lieutenant25-Jan-45San Manuel, LuzonCompany E; GO 35 (24 May 1948)
Echevaria, Albert C. 1943  
Egelstad, Gail M. 1943  
Elliott, Edson E. * 1943  
Erz, Harold F. 1943  
Felch, George APrivate (later Major)12-Sep-18near Bois de St. Remy, FranceAsgd: Co I 161st Inf; Atch: Co H 103rd Inf
for personally locating and putting out of action an enemy machine gun nest with his Automation Rifle. Entered service from Colfax in July 1917. KIA 21 Feb 1945, Battalion Commander, 87th Mountain Infantry
Fish, Melvin H. 1943  
Francis, Doyle 1943  
George, David L 1943  
Gibson, Clifford C. 1943  
Gross, Matthew 1943  
Heitman, Martin W * 1943  
Hendrickson, Grant 1943  
Herring, John D. 1943  
Huff, Homer L. 1943  
Hulstein, Gerritt 1943  
Hume, Cecil 1943  
Iannello, Frank 1943  
Jenkins, Henry I (First Award)Technicial Fifth Grade31-Jul-43New Georgia IslandAsgd: Medical Detachment, 161st Inf; Atchd: Company H 161st Inf
Tech5 Jenkins was awarded a second Silver Star in Korea. He is one of two known medics to have received the Combat Medic Badge three times for service in WW2, Korea and Vietnam.
Jiminez, Jesus T. 1943  
Johnson, George W. 1943  
Johnson, Hollis S. 1943  
Jorgenson, Wendell L. 1943  
Karr, Earl M. 1943  
Kimble, Glenn C. 1943  
Kobes, GerritSpecialist3-Nov-05Abu Ghraib, IraqHHC 1st Bn 161st Infantry
Krake, Edward O. * 1943  
Kudella, Joseph C. * 1943  
Legarsky, Joseph C.  1943  
Lendberg, Orith H. 1943  
Lyon, Dan 1943  
McGlynn, Elmer W. 1943 USAFSPA GO 487 (1943) 
McGrath, John E.Private Spokane, WA2 Aug 1943New Georgia, Solomon Islands USAFSPA GO 451 (1943) 
Meyer, Forrest E. 1943 USAFSPA GO 486 (1943)  
Murray, Louis 1945 25th Div GO 62 (1945)
Myers, Robert E. 1943 USAFSPA GO 489 (1943)  
Newbrough, James W. 1943  
O'Brien, Robert M. * 1943  
Perkins, James W. 1943  
Petty, James R. 1943  
Pierce, Cecil D. 1943  
Posnak, Albert M. 1943  
Pray, Eugene W. 1943  
Rimbach, Gail W. 1943  
Rogers, Vernon V. 1943  
Saldin, Robert C. 1943  USAFSPA GO 487 (1943)
Sams, Gary N. 1943  USAFSPA GO 56 (1943)
Santo, Hubert A. 1943  USAFSPA GO 487 (1943)
Santo, Hubert A. 1945 ? 25th Div GO 43 (1945) Homeofheros
Santo, Hubert A. 1945 ? 25th Div GO 55 (1945) Homeofheros
Schuster, Henry A. 1943  
Shellman, Wayne 1943  USAFSPA GO 487 (1943)
Shupe, Joe H. 1943 USAFSPA GO 485 (1943) 
Sinclair, James R. * 1943 USAFSPA GO 488 (1943) 
Starr, Gerald F. 1943  USAFSPA GO 489 (1943)
Stewart, David G. 1943  USAFSPA GO 489 (1943)
Stokes, Redmond F. 1943  USAFSPA GO 482 (1943)
Swenson, Darel A. 1943  USAFSPA GO 489 (1943)
Tate, Merle A. 1943  
Tews, Albert F.  * 1943  
Van Gorder, John R. 1943  
Vetter, Joseph L. 1943  
Washam, Lloyd P. 1943  
Weber, Henry * 1943  
White, Hugh L. 1943  
Williams, Eugene 1943  
Wilson, Benham R. 1943  
Wood, James C. 1943  
Woodward, Ernest III 1943  
Worland, George T Private First ClassOregon194525th Division, GO#43, 1945, KIA 29 Mar 1945
Johnson, Victor L JrLieutenant Colonel1945unknownRegimental Commander, 161st Inf
Shalaty, Felix J *CorporalJefferson County, OH25 Jan 1945San Manuel, Luzon, PhilippinesCannon Company, 161st Inf


SoldierMedalSoldier’s Medal (* – posthumous)

Estrada, FrederickStaff Sergeant28 Apr 1944New CaledoniaCannon Company, 161st Inf
Haaland, ThorkelCapt28 Apr 1944New CaledoniaCannon Company, 161st Inf
Vanegas, Alfonso *Technicial Fifth Grade28 Apr 1944New CaledoniaCannon Company, 161st Inf


Recommended for Meritorious Service
(Philippine Insurrection)
First Washington Infantry, U.S.V.

 Howard R. McBride, Hospital Steward  George Bordeaux
 John T. Dawson, Corporal  Charles Breuchle
 Don DeWitt  Charles W. Brown
 Max E. Englehardt  Guy A. Turner
 Hoyze E. Mitchell  John W. Snoke
William T. Harrison, Q.M. Sergeant John F. Crowley
Walter L. McCallum, Sergeant Ed Fox
Fred L. Titsworth, Sergeant Alexander J. MacDonald
James A. Timewell, Corporal John W. Stevens
Kendall Fellowes, Corporal George Crerar
Ernest C. Hollingsworth, Corporal George Scott
Smith K. Fitzhugh, Corporal John M. Page
 Thomas B. Crockett, Corporal  C. B. Rathburn
Albert F. Pray, Corporal A. M. Mills
H.J. Kemper, Corporal James W. Badger
Melvin J. Doherty, Corporal J. J. McGlynn
George H. Gaches, Corporal Wm. J. Moran
J.E. Holland, Wagoneer Thomas Collan
Z. B. Rawson, 2d Lieutenant Nicholas Becker
John K. Witherspoon, Sergeant Randolph McMichael
William A. Beck, Corporal Clay g. Mills
Cal Welbon, Corporal Carl M. tygensen
William Fairbanks, Corporal George Winkler
Alfred B. Welch, Corporal Hugh Waters
Calvin Freeman, Corporal Edgar T. Williams
Edward J. Young, 1st Lieutenant William C. Stephens
John T. Alderson, 2nd Lieutenant Joseph J. Mitchell
Henry W. Leach, 1st Sergeant Edward C. Spaulding
John H. Wright, Sergeant George S. Palmer
William Washburn, Corporal Henry H. Hagedorn
 Edward W. Strain, Corporal Albert H. Blair
 John F. Patterson  Carral Stephens
 Walter A. Fay  
 William H. Breman, Corporal  
Roy Painter, Corporal Ira Cromwell, Corporal
Myra Cusker, Corporal Johnson, —-
Ernest L. Barber  
Edward C. Hanford, Corporal  
Will G. Adams, Sergeant Arthur R. Porter
John B. Heyburn  
William Scales, Sergeant Walter H. De Lacy
Chas. E. Augustein, Corporal George C. Eddy
John D. Roberts, Corporal James R. Evans
John Usher, Corporal Bert James
Wm. F. Cruver, Musician Harry C. McLean
Carl E. Carlson, Musician John J. McNeill
Oliver S. Morris, Wagoneer Ralph L. Philbrick
John O. Badger Charles Rauen
Herbert A. Bloye Frank H. Sagers
Nelson Chruchill Arther R. Scullin
Dexter A. Waller  


Regimental Honors

Philippine Presidential Unit Citation – 17 OCTOBER 1944 TO 4 JULY 1945

1st Battalion Honors

Meritorious Unit Commendation – IRAQ 2004-2005
Meritorious Unit Commendation – IRAQ 2008-2009